This month is the One Year Anniversary for the AS spouses support group.  When I began the group in April 2015 at the request of several clients (and the insistence one wonderful lady), I had no idea where it would lead. The group has far exceeded the few expectations/hopes that I had.  It has been a joy to facilitate this group and see the delight that it brings to the participants as they connect and share their struggles.

The participants, mainly women with a few men, have found such relief in being able to talk with others who share the challenges of a “neuordiverse” relationship.  Many have found the group helpful to improving both their relationship and their own health.

A few of the topics we covered this past year included:

  • Coping with the holidays and family gatherings
  • Disclosing the diagnosis
  • How to cope with silence and loneliness
  • Self care strategies
  • Kids on the spectrum or with features
  • Resources both online and locally
  • Communication strategies
  • Healthy outlets for emotions
  • Getting your needs met

We are always open to new members (each month there are usually one or two).  All I ask is that you call first for a telephone screening to make sure the group is right for you.