Asperger’s and Genetics

Asperger’s and Genetics
Do you have a child who’s been diagnosed as being on the spectrum for autism? Have you noticed similar tendencies in your partner even though he is much higher functioning than your son or daughter? He/she may have Asperger’s syndrome.

In 2015, Asperger’s was estimated to affect 37.2 million people globally.  The incidence of […]

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“Why Do I Have to Do All the Changing?”

“Why do I have to do all the changing?”
Often I am asked by the spouse of someone with Asperger’s syndrome, “Why do I have to do all the changing?” While you don’t have to do ALL the changing, you will definitely be doing more than 50% for several reasons, the biggest of which is that […]

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Asperger’s and Your Spouse

What Happened to the Person I Married?
“It seems like I’m married to a totally different person than the person I met. What happened?”
Over and over again I hear this from my clients who are spouses or partners of people with Asperger’s or features of Asperger’s. What went wrong?

All relationships go through a courtship phase when […]

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Why do people with Asperger’s fight the diagnosis?

Asperger’s: Fighting the Diagnosis
One key feature of someone with Asperger’s is impaired self-awareness. They simply do not see the world the way others do, and consequently they cannot see themselves as others do. When someone points out something personal to someone with Asperger’s, they may put up a wall of protection.

Most people with Asperger’s syndrome […]

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Why is Asperger’s so Easy to Miss?

Why is Asperger’s syndrome so easy to miss for both professionals and family members?
People with Asperger’s are often very intelligent, and they can work hard to compensate for their differences. Many people with the disorder use their intelligence to mask their deficits in personal, social, and professional relationships in order to get by in the […]

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Asperger’s and the Holidays

The holidays can be particularly challenging for those with a partner or a child with Asperger’s. The social demands, the general chaos, and the expectations can be more than the person with Asperger’s can handle. 

First, understand what is happening and why. Here are some things you can do:

Modify your expectations.
Communicate carefully and avoid surprises.
Make advance […]

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Asperger Partners Support Group

This month is the One Year Anniversary for the AS spouses support group.  When I began the group in April 2015 at the request of several clients (and the insistence one wonderful lady), I had no idea where it would lead. The group has far exceeded the few expectations/hopes that I had.  It has been […]

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Is There Asperger’s in My Marriage?

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to work with several couples where one of the spouses has aspects of Asperger’s Syndrome, a neurological condition which is present from birth but often unrecognized. While the person may not have full-blown Asperger’s, he may not be able to demonstrate a full range of emotion which is essential for […]

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