Counseling for Couples Dealing with Asperger’s Syndrome

Couple on beachDo you wonder if your spouse might have Asperger’s Syndrome? While each person with Asperger’s can have different symptoms, some common characteristics are:

  • Significant problems connecting emotionally
  • A tendency to want to isolate themselves
  • Misunderstanding social and emotional cues from others
  • A tendency to seem narcissistic
  • Inability to manage life’s everyday challenges

I offer both in-person and video counseling/coaching for couples affected by Asperger’s. 

Often even the diagnosis of Asperger’s can be a relief because it can explain hurtful behavior that otherwise doesn’t make sense. Asperger’s can prevent couples from connecting emotionally. Spouses can feel misunderstood and unappreciated due to the person with Asperger’s inability to communicate and to show empathy.

Link to a list of books and resources for people dealing with Asperger’s. 

In addition to counseling individuals with Asperger’s, I also offer couple’s counseling. These sessions have three phases:  Assessment, Education, and Resolution of Difficulties.  As an impartial ally of of both parties, I am able to facilitate communication and help find solutions for long unresolved issues.

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