Bipolar / Manic Depression

If you are suffering from bipolar, you know how debilitating this condition can be. There is hope. Working with an experienced therapist, you can gain the skills and self-awareness that will enable you to lead a normal and happy life.

iStock_000003737299_ExtraSmallBipolar or manic depression is one of the most missed or misdiagnosed mental health conditions. It is often mistaken for depression because the depression part of the bipolar cycle is often the most noticeable and seemingly most painful.  Conversely, bipolar may sometimes be undiagnosed PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that is best treated by targeting the trauma that caused the PTSD.  I have encountered both of these situations repeatedly in my work with clients. As a therapist, I have the luxury of being able to see you regularly (week after week) which psychiatrists typically can’t do. This aids immensely in the diagnosis of potentially hidden bipolar or other conditions.

Knowledge is of utmost importance when working on bipolar issues as is improving one’s self-awareness. Many people with bipolar survive by ignoring their mood swings. I will teach you to know yourself and your mood patterns as well as how to take responsibility for yourself and your actions.  There are also new programs being developed to help people with bipolar  better able to help themselves. One such program is Bipolar in Order.

Since bipolar is a chronic condition, it is very important to have ongoing counseling and the support of a group such as the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA).   Much progress is being made in the treatment of bipolar both in terms of therapy, resources and medications.

“Being able to work with Kathleen on an ongoing basis has been essential to managing my bipolar. Thanks to her help and support I am able to live a full life and stay on top of the challenges life gives me.”  Monica age 36