Traumas – Large and Small

anagramsTrauma and little traumas (traumatas) are the cause of a lot of emotional suffering and illness. We often don’t realize how much these events and memories can interfere with our well-being and physical health. Many of us habitually minimize the rough times we have experienced in a best effort to cope and “march on” with life. What we don’t realize is that this method of coping can be a root cause that keeps us stuck, either emotionally or in our relationships, careers, and health.

Together we will review your past using a keen eye for traumatas. This will allow you to see how the events in your past that you have been downplaying or ignoring may be negatively impacting your present. I work effectively and expediently with trauma by using the cutting edge EMDR technique and the RIM process after a thorough evaluation of your past experiences.

“I can now handle situations that I used to avoid.  I have tools for managing reactions when they come up. Utilizing EMDR was very helpful in my healing. Kathleen is so supportive, understanding, and knowledgeable. I felt that I was in good hands–she really cares and it shows.”  David S. age 42